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Customer service is the most important aspect of our business, and we want to be there whenever and wherever you need us. If at any time you need advice, clarification or any additional information about a product we sell, a service we offer or experience any problem whatsoever with our company, we want to hear from you. Here's a list of contact information. Thanks for shopping with us!

PCM Canada Address:

PCM Canada is headquartered at:
11420-170 Street NW Edmonton, AB
Canada, T5S 1L7
Our offices
10524 42 St SE
Calgary, AB T2C 5C7
Phone: (403) 265-2667
Greater Toronto Area
55 East Beaver Creek Rd. Unit G
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1E5
Phone: (800) 800-8300
5090 Explorer Drive, Suite # 610,
Mississauga, ON L4W 4T9
Stratiform Office
Oceanic Plaza
1066 West Hastings Street, 23rd Floor)
Vancouver, BC V6E 3X2)
(855) 369-0465)
62 Albert St
Winnipeg, MB R3B 1E9
Phone: (204) 943-8464

To cancel or modify an order, please call our customer service department at 1-888-777-6800. We can not process this type of request via email.

Please note:
For your safety, please do not include credit card numbers in your emails. For faster service, please make sure to include your name, order number or account number, and the item that you are referring to. Emails containing attachments, advertisements for other companies, vulgar or offensive content are automatically deleted, as are any emails spamming our servers. Repeated attempts to send these type of emails may result in your being blocked from our servers, and the privilege of emailing us may be revoked at any time.

  Email Support

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