Next-generation, comprehensive
protection provides simplicity and
insight as you secure every endpoint
on your network — from laptops,
mobile devices and virtual desktops
to servers, web and email traffic.
Manage your network and endpoints from
a single interface. Simplify investigation by
finding threats faster, minimizing threat
impact. Self-service portals and partner
dashboards will help you monitor your
network and address security risks.
Protect your business with anywhere
security for users and data. This completely
new approach offers a variety of solutions
specifically designed for servers, endpoints,
mobility management and home computers.
Video: Sophos XG Firewall
- How it Works
Sophos XG Firewall Brochure
Sophos Central
Sophos Central Datasheet
Video: Sophos Central Synchronized Security
End-user & Server
Video: What is Sophos
Security Heartbeat
Security Heartbeat™ and Synchronized
App Control Whitepaper
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