Public Cloud Solutions

Public Cloud Solutions

Let PCM Canada show you what Public Cloud Solutions, like Microsoft Azure, can do for your business. PCM Canada can assess web and line-of-business applications, identify projects that are best-suited for the public cloud and discuss your deployment options.

PCM Canada can help you realize the value of this investment as your team will have access to expert guidance that will jumpstart your journey to the public cloud.

PCM Canada's Public Cloud Solutions offer services delivered by our team of certified technicians. The services, that have been proven to reduce complexity and costs, include:

Cloud for Website Hosting:
Hosting your website data on the cloud comes in various forms. Public cloud hosting services are sold on-demand over the internet by third-party providers, while hybrid clouds offer the best of both public cloud services and in-house servers.

Cloud IaaS with Microsoft Azure:
Through our partnership with Microsoft Azure, PCM Canada can offer Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) options to establish your company's server on a public cloud service, ensuring that company-sensitive applications are secure. The public cloud can handle on-demand workloads, scaling up and down to adjust for busier seasons. The benefit of this feature is you only pay for what you use at a given time.

Cloud Security:
As technology develops, concerns of IT departments and CIO's tend to focus on the security of information stored on the cloud. With comprehensive cloud security options, PCM Canada can assure that your cloud is secure. Our partnerships with leading cloud solutions providers, like Microsoft, allow access to their world-class cloud services that meet or exceed Canadian, U.S. (Federal), and international security standards.

Development and Testing Platform:
If you're testing a new application or website and simply need some free server space, using a Development and Testing Platform can deploy workloads to Azure virtual machines, as an example, thus reducing hardware costs through the provisioning of only the resources you require.

Cloud Deployment:
Deploying your next big application or project has never been easier thanks to streamlined and secure online services like Microsoft Azure. Quickly deploy your website or applications with unprecedented speed and reach.

Automation and Cloud Integration:
To ensure that your transition from on premise servers to cloud hosting solutions is seamless, our Migration Automation deployment teams can help save your IT team from manually moving every application and workload to the cloud.

From assessment to implementation, PCM Canada has Public Cloud Solutions that will help you extend your on-premise applications to the cloud securely and efficiently. Prepare your business for the future, today! Ask us how PCM Canada can help you jumpstart your journey to the cloud