Cloud Hosting

Data Center and Cloud Hosting

Addressing compliance, identity and access management, integration with current technologies, and the overall protection from corruption, PCM Canada can ensure that your cloud infrastructure and cloud hosting storage and backup is set up securely to protect you and your business.

As an alternative to shared and dedicated server hosting where your information is stored on a single server, Cloud Hosting spreads your data out over a secure network of data centers. The benefits of managed cloud hosting solutions include:

  • Reliability — If one server goes down, you still have a vast resource of off-site servers that are storing your information. No information is lost, and nothing is interrupted.
  • Cost-savings — Our hosting services are split in two categories: Pay-as-you-grow, and pre-paid. Based on whether you're testing a new application or process, or expect steady application loads, we'll tailor a plan to suit your business needs.
  • Flexibility — The cloud is there for when you need it. Therefore, when you experience a sudden surge in activity, the space you need to handle it is there; scaling up and down as you need it.

PCM Canada offers several different cloud infrastructure offerings, all designed and optimized to meet your business needs. We can consult with you on the best service to suit your unique demands, allowing you to configure your own on-demand servers. Multi-year term can also help you save significantly and give you sustainable peace-of-mind.

Utilizing a server hosting service allows you to breathe easy knowing that your data is stored safely, and if monitored dedicated servers are used, you can rest assured that everything is being monitored 24/7/365.

A dedicated server may be right for you if:

Your customer's security is of utmost importance.

Shared servers are prone to security attacks, simply because of the nature of sharing resources with another company. Hacks, viruses, and a plethora of other security breaches can bring your company to a grinding halt. With a dedicated server, you can control how secure your data is. With a managed dedicated service, you can rest assured that someone is taking care of everything for you.

You want a seamless viewing experience.

High load times, and frequent crashes may mean that it's time for you to demand more resources for your site or app. High traffic can overload a shared server, resulting in crashes, and concerned customers.

Hosting for Websites

One of the most important facets in today's business landscape is having a website that consistently meets the demands of your customers. If your website isn't loading quickly, is overwhelmed by traffic, or experiences frequent outage periods, dedicated server hosting could be the answer.

A recent study said that websites loaded from desktop are still 1.5 times faster than mobile, proving that your site needs more resources to benefit from the 51% viewership that mobile browsing provides.

Ensuring that your website is safe, secure, fast, and responsive is integral to your business success. If you're seeing many unique visitors per day, or your website collects highly sensitive information from your visitors and customers, a dedicated server would ensure that your information is safe and secure.

Our team at PCM Canada can help with your server management and monitoring needs. Feel free to reach out and discuss how server hosting service can benefit your company.