Cloud Security Solutions

Cloud Security Solutions

Security of your confidential data on the cloud is incredibly important to the success of your business. This is why PCM Canada are here to assure you that all bases are covered.

With 60% of cloud security issues last year caused by internal sources, and 43% of businesses experiencing data breaches, cloud computing security needs to be a priority for enterprise business.

Working in accordance with federal agencies and compliance certifications, PCM Canada can provide your business with top-of-the-line security software that works with identity management technologies you already have, such as Active Directory. Management of these accesses and identities can be a struggle to establish, but our partnership with Microsoft and teams of certified Azure specialists sets your business up for security success.

Through tough data encryption, the assigning of encryption keys for secure API's, and an extensive disaster recovery plan, we can ensure that your files are protected from corruption and breaches.

Ways that we can ensure your cloud security is locked-down and your data is safely and securely stored, while still benefiting from all the efficiencies of accessible cloud computing, include:

Identity Management:

Active Directory systems through Azure ensure that access is given to the right employee, while still being able to access information relating to their project from anywhere.

Physical Security:

Hardware, from your on-premise server to our virtual machines, is stored properly and with limited access.

Application Security:

Thoroughly testing and pre-approving applications available via the cloud (SaaS) ensures that your sensitive data isn't transmitted through unauthorized channels.


All critical data such as customer information is thoroughly encrypted and accessible only by authorized parties.

PCM Canada understands the importance of securing information from external threats. Talk to one of our experienced security technicians about the latest cloud security issues today, and develop a secure and sustainable security strategy for your business.