Converged Infrastructure

Converged Infrastructure

Increase compatibility with a seamless integration of multiple technologies, while establishing your business for future virtualized computing needs with Converged Infrastructure solutions.

Traditionally, data center infrastructure was managed in silos; limiting usage and updates as your enterprise infrastructure grew. Converged Infrastructure can bundle hardware and software to ensure easy access to servers, increased network capacity, and less strain on resources.

Working directly with a single vendor to establish your ideal enterprise infrastructure allows your IT team to have a better focus on device performance, workloads, compatibility, and components. Working with one vendor gives you assurance in a one-stop-shop approach to data center and console management, effectively cutting-out the back and forth between multiple vendors trying to work together.

Do you want to free up your IT resources to focus on new innovative IT strategy?

On top of compatibility and workflow resolutions that Converged Infrastructure solutions can provide, other cost benefits of a single-vendor solution include:

  • Higher utilization, less cabling, savings on rack space, and fewer network connections
  • Lower operating costs due to a smaller IT labour workload
  • Consolidated storage and network management

Hyper-Convergence platforms allow for a truly mobile workforce that crosses geographic boundaries through virtualization. Setting up a Hyper-Convergence platform allows for you to establish protections on a per-application basis, and enhance management storage capacity.

Trusting PCM Canada to procure and implement a Converged Infrastructure solution ensures a quick turnaround for delivery and installation of hardware and software operations, with our qualified team of techs available to assist and advise throughout the entire phase of your technology infrastructure set-up to ensure best-fit components packaged into a single, optimized solution.

At PCM Canada, we have the resources and IT team available to help you manage a Converged Infrastructure data center solution. If you're trying to decide between a standard infrastructure or a Hyper-Convergence strategy, our qualified team and Platinum Partners can provide you with the information and support necessary to get your business ready for the future.