Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management

Fully optimizing your organization to ensure full compliance through IT assets is a costly, complicated, and time-consuming process. Our fully certified Software Asset Management experts have a complete understanding of the process and legalities required to bring your company up to date with licenses and software assets.

Failure to ensure compliance and effectively manage of your software could result in costly security vulnerabilities, system costs, and compatibility issues between users.

PCM Canada's Software Asset Management (SAM) services enable your business to understand what IT assets you have, how they are being used, and if there are any system redundancies. SAM also ensures that your software is secure and fully compliant with industry and local law.

The benefits of a fully implemented SAM plan can result in:

  • Cost savings
  • Budgeting planning
  • Optimization and ensure “best-fit” licensing
  • Education and better understanding of your licenses
  • Streamlined spending by organizing licensing and software purchases
  • Maintaining compliance
  • Reduce Security Risk
  • Eliminate downtime
  • Reducing IT resource consumption
  • Empowerment (PCM Canada experts work directly with vendor partners)

Our Software Asset Management services are a consultative approach to asset management and license compliance where we consider the program a partnership between ourselves and your organization. Our SAM process includes:

  • Review of existing procurement processes records and controls
  • Inventory and Contract Management deliverables
  • Data verification and Asset Discovery processes
  • Operations and change management processes
  • Asset Life Cycle Management
  • Establishing a proactive framework for on-going software compliance

PCM Canada's Software Asset Management team is comprised of certified specialists and we work closely with leading asset management tool vendors such as Microsoft System Center, Altiris, LANDesk, HP Service Desk and Asset Center, TriActive, and Remedy.

To find out how a Software Asset Management strategy can benefit your organization, contact your PCM Canada representative one of our SAM specialists today.