IT Solutions

Endpoint and Mobility Solutions

Your employees want the latest technology, mobile devices, and access to your environment so that they can work at any time, from anywhere. But with the number of products available and employees increasingly utilizing their own devices, the process of establishing policies and procedures to support these new devices sits in incredibly murky waters.

At PCM Canada, our team of cloud technicians can ensure that your endpoint mobility management clearly mirrors your BYOD policy and locks down any vulnerabilities that may arise from mobile devices accessing your network.

An Ipsos study revealed that only 23% of employees are aware of their organization's BYOD policies - a necessity if they're going to follow corporate policy, and for your sensitive company documents to remain confidential.

The role of the desktop administrator has evolved, and if your mid-size or enterprise business is falling behind on implementing policies and devices that are easily accessed, yet completely secure, our trained technicians can provide guidance.

We offer services and customized solutions to ensure that your company's endpoints are managed, virtualized, secure and their lifecycle monitored.

Endpoint Mobility Management

Securing the enterprise desktop is now no longer about actual desktop workstations, it includes mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. But they all must be able to communicate seamlessly to foster a collaborative environment.

PCM Canada offers several solutions available for endpoint mobility management software, employee profiles, application access, and BYOD security features.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

As a cost-saving alternative to expensive and cumbersome management hardware and software, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) enables complete access from your employees' personal devices, while ensuring a completely centralized IT environment and desktop deployment. VDI ensures that corporate and personal profiles are kept separate to avoid accidental data corruption.

Endpoint Services

From the procurement, deployment, and lifecycle management of your employee devices, PCM Canada's endpoint services can manage every step of the process. Let us manage the maintenance of your ageing hardware and we'll also ensure the compliance and upkeep of patches and software.

Our suite of endpoint and mobility services can ensure that your employees remain compliant with corporate policy, while keeping your devices up-to-date and properly maintained. If your business requires programs and software to function day-to-day, our software management services, planning, and advisory services can help you determine and manage the best programs for you.