IT Staffing and Resource Mangement

IT Staffing & Resource Management

Service Overview

Finding the right IT professional for your open position can be difficult. Developing and training existing personnel can also be expensive and risky. The searching and onboarding process alone can consume valuable company time and resources. Many companies use an outsourcing strategy to meet deadlines, reduce overhead and free-up existing staff.

Should your business require additional resources, we have a diverse bench of IT professionals to deploy, along with reaching out to our network of qualified independent consultants, to fulfill any of your requirements. We have a mature, standardized recruiting and onboarding practice that ensures our bench is filled with quality professionals.

We can scale our resource commitment to the requirements of our clients. We offer a high level of experience and knowledge in understanding technical roles; leading to faster identification of the correct skill-sets and experience levels you require.

IT Staffing & Resource Management is a great opportunity to enable your staff to focus on your core business. A vital part of providing qualified resources to our clients includes our internal processes and standards related to recruitment, retention, and training of our employees.

Why PCM Canada?

We have developed strategies that ensure our IT Staffing & Resource Management provides ongoing value to our clients. Partnering with an established IT service provider like PCM Canada allows you to position your company to be as efficient and competitive as possible.

What sets PCM Canada apart from recruiters and personnel outsourcing companies is that you will be partnering with an established IT services and solutions provider. PCM Canada partners with industry-leading companies to provide our clients with the latest technology, at the best possible prices.

We apply our unique skills in consulting, integration, and professional services to create customized client solutions. The hybrid delivery model we utilize is led by employee-based technical experts augmented with contracted subject matter experts. This model allows us to use proactive rather than reactive recruiting methods that build long-standing relationships within the contractor community.

Our ability to provide qualified resources to our clients is the result of our established staff augmentation services formula of a sound business strategy and established resourcing approach - consisting of high standards of recruitment, retention, and training processes.

Business Sector Experience

  • Government
  • Health Services
  • Oil and Gas
  • Utilities
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Construction
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