IT Solutions

Field Support Services

When something goes wrong, our IT Field Support Services team can diagnose and remotely resolve the issue. If your problem can't be fixed via phone or email tech support, we can dispatch a field service technician to provide on-site and desk-side resolution, across Canada.

Preventative and Reactive Maintenance

Your network, servers, hardware, and software all require preventative maintenance to work effectively and consistently. Through managed IT services, scheduled maintenance programs ensure that proper patches are installed and that your systems aren't overloaded. This maintenance ensures that everything works as it should — preventatively addressing what might not be able to be diagnosed over the phone.

If a breakdown does occur, business-critical interruptions could result in downtime and loss of productivity. Our Field Support Service technicians can respond swiftly, get your systems up-and-running, and, with preventative maintenance, make sure it won't happen again.

Hardware Support

Sometimes no matter how well hardware is taken care of, it can randomly crash. PCM Canada Field Support Services include equipment testing to ensure that your end user devices are working right and to repair devices that failed. This proactive approach has been proven to curve larger, unforeseen expenses in the future.


Program and software patches are often provided via remote assistance, but sometimes Field Support Services are required to ensure that your software and apps are compliant and functioning.


Especially for industries requiring high compliance in the storage of sensitive company or customer information require constant security checks to keep data secure. Our Field Support Service technicians can run different analyses to ensure that your systems are locked-down tight and safe from a malicious attack.

Project Support

From project managers, backend developers, to systems administrators, our Field Support Services technicians can provide expertise to ensure that your project is on-track and provide strategic guidance on what can be done to achieve the best results from your technology.

If your internal team doesn't have the dedicated resources to monitor and maintain your environment, PCM Canada can provide the IT support you need — available 24/7. Give us a call today!

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