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Managed IT Services

Managed IT services can help you leverage technology to improve operations and reduce costs, freeing up valuable resources and assets for your business. At PCM Canada, we can provide your business with many solutions that are focused on streamlining your IT needs, including top-level technology procurement, comprehensive infrastructure management, and product support. With our years of experience developing advanced IT management solutions across industries, we can help you solve your IT problems and find the best-fit IT resources that your business requires.

Have a look at our services:

Manage My End-User Devices

Given the number of products and platforms available to maintain and grow your business, the procurement, management, and support of end-user devices can be a challenge. Our IT services help your business make these complex tasks easier by enabling you to offload your device procurement, management, and support needs to our professional team. This allows you time to optimize your IT resources, improving service to your end-users, while increasing productivity and employee satisfaction. Your business can also take advantage of our cost-saving licensing and managed print services to regain control over your software and document assets.

Managed Print

Printers can be one of the most frustrating and time-consuming pieces of technology to deal with in an office. At PCM Canada, we can ensure that your printers are maintained consistently and that paper and toner is regularly purchased to guarantee that your print jobs are executed as expected.

Manage My Enterprise Infrastructure

Your business needs a reliable and agile IT infrastructure to continuously deliver services to your employees, customers, and clients. Are you spending too much time combating downtime and other issues rather than focusing on your business? PCM Canada's managed infrastructure services help your business cut costs and boost efficiency by optimizing, securing, and supporting your critical IT infrastructure. We work with you to deliver solutions that propel your business forward, increasing the reliability and performance of your network, data center, and critical business applications.

Our approach ensures that your business gets 24/7 monitoring and management of network components, as well as backup management for your critical data.


Your business needs can change rapidly, and if you don't have the technology necessary to meet those changes, you could fall behind. PCM Canada's hosting options include the maintenance and management of both your physical and virtual servers, for constant monitoring and guaranteed uptime.

PCM Canada makes IT easier for your business and provides a variety of offerings that are an essential part of any business' IT environment. Our solutions-based approach to IT management will help your business overcome inefficiencies and reduce your need for in-house IT staff, among many other benefits. With so much of your business depending on your devices and IT infrastructure functioning at their best, you need a company that offers end-to-end services, from expert consulting, integration, to managed services and ongoing support.

As a premier provider of strategic IT services, PCM Canada has worked on behalf of large-enterprise and mid-tier organizations designing robust solutions that include provisioning leading-edge products, implementing more efficient technologies, and supporting staff.

What IT challenges can we help your business overcome? Contact us today to find out how we can make your IT resources work better for your business.