IT Solutions
Best-fit IT Solutions to Overcome your Business Challenges
IT Solutions
Your technology needs to perform as you expect. Trust the experts at PCM Canada to make it happen. Our years of proven methodology and customer first approach have produced tangible business-value for our many deep, long-term customer relationships. Our mission is to provide complete IT products, services, and solutions that enable our clients to achieve their business goals.
IT Solutions

Data Center and Networking Solutions

Your data center is where your information resides. From your website, network, apps, storage and backups, it needs to be organized and managed appropriately. Critical data center errors can cost your business in time and income lost while you're stuck waiting to get back online. This is why our managed IT services include data center solutions that are catered to your business needs.

Converged Infrastructure

By aligning your infrastructure into one bundle of communicable hardware and software, you can increase compatibility and seamlessly integrate your technology for better oversight into all your business. An optimized converged infrastructure solution can reduce capital expenses and operational costs.


Your business depends on your server running smoothly, but managing servers is a time-consuming and costly activity. Server management services give you access to Intel and UNIX/Linux server support, and will help your business reduce costs on server maintenance and monitoring.


Allow us to find the best and latest technologies for your storage infrastructure needs that will help you curve long-term operational costs and maintain compliance. Though the costs of running today's data centers are high, we can help you reduce risk and complexity. Backup, Recovery & Archiving ensuring that you have a proper disaster recovery and business continuity plan includes leveraging duplicate storage systems that, even if there is a failure in one storage location, you can easily and securely recover your sensitive documents. We can help with everything from encryption to recovery and provide safe archiving solutions of your business documents to keep your business compliant with regulatory or corporate mandates.


Save on licensing and management costs with the proper Virtualization solution. Virtualization allows for the flexibility and the capability your data center requires to be as efficient as possible. Whatever your business requires, we have a customizable Virtualization solution for your needs. Making sure that your business is setup with the best data center software doesn't just mean selling it and leaving. Our consultants work with you to find the best fit data center software solution to keep your business productive and secure.


Your network is essential to your business, but it does not have to be a drain on your resources. To keep your business ahead of the competition, you need a way to control the design and performance of your network. The proper network solutions provide your business with monitoring and management of network components to improve your network's response time, while significantly improving application performance and security. A complete package of data center infrastructure management tools will help you get more out of your IT resources with much less investment. Combined with easy scalability, monitoring, and support, your business will have what it needs to stay successful for years to come.

Get in touch with us to find out more about how PCM Canada solutions can make your business run better, and how our cloud solutions and services can easily migrate your data center to the cloud.

IT Solutions

Cloud Solutions

The introduction of cloud technology and operations has transformed the way people and businesses interact with each other and with technology. Harnessing the power of the cloud appropriately for your business needs is integral to future success. Facilitating the development and delivery of applications is the foundation of any IT teams' cloud, infrastructure, and data management strategy.

Launching a cloud platform allows your company the benefit of:

  • Creating virtual infrastructure
  • Generating extra storage, so files are easily accessible from anywhere
  • Building virtual machines
  • Backup and disaster recovery of critical information and files
  • Implementing large batch computing
  • Scalable solutions based on dynamic business needs

Establishing the demand your business efforts require of the cloud is only the first step in the process, and you want to ensure that you effectively manage your data and communications efforts across a cloud or hybrid cloud model that best suits you.

Our team of highly qualified IT professionals can walk you through the entire process of setting up cloud solutions for your business through a number of services that will get you started, reduce strain on your IT team, and keep you up-and-running.

Cloud Assessment

The PCM Canada Cloud Assessment is the first step towards cloud readiness. Our 3 or 5 day seminars include a number of workshops to establish the basics of your business needs and how cloud services can benefit you. Topics covered include a Customer Immersion Experience, Microsoft Azure Technical Overview, Identity Management, Data Loss Prevention, BYOD / MDM Strategy, and Cloud OS.

Cloud Infrastructure & Hosting

Through our partnership with Microsoft and expertise in Azure, PCM Canada can offer cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) options to establish your company’s cloud as a hybrid cloud model, ensuring that company-sensitive applications are private and the public cloud can handle on-demand workloads while your security, testing environments, deployment and migration are managed efficiently.

Cloud Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery

Azure offers easily scalable Cloud Storage solutions as your load requirement increases. The data is backed-up with an extensive disaster recovery plan across a number of virtual machines, ensuring that you never face any downtime.

Cloud Mobility Management

For complete mobile device management, a number of tools are available to make your life easier. Ensuring cloud identity and rights management rules are followed from the numerous devices that your employees are now using to access your sensitive company documents is integral to the security of your files. From Microsoft Cloud EMS, Intune, and Active Directory you can get an overall picture of all access points and identify suspicious behavior.

At PCM Canada, we'll be by your side throughout the procurement, deployment and endpoint mobility management phases throughout your move to the cloud.

Cloud Collaboration

Is your team constantly looking over each other's shoulders to complete a document they're working on together? Ensuring that you have the proper software enabled to allow your employees to work on the same documents, communicate effectively, and collaborate more efficiently enables your business to succeed faster.

Whatever your business needs, our techs are here to provide you the insight and analysis of what would work best for your company. There are many cloud computing companies out there, but if PCM Canada's mobile device management solution, powered by Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) of cloud-based services sounds like a good fit for you, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our techs today.

IT Solutions

Software Solutions

Trying to find that perfect software that works for your business needs, as well as managing the multiple licenses required of different software can be a daunting process.

Our software management services ensure that you're taking advantage of industry-leading software that ensures that the software you're using is compliant, licensed, and a best-fit solution for your specific needs.

We offer services in:

Software Licensing

Do you have a plan to keep up with your business' different technology needs? With our Volume Licensing Management Service, you never have to worry about keeping up with the majority of software licensing requirements for your business. Consolidating your licensing requirements makes it easier to run software throughout your entire enterprise network.

Software Asset Management

PCM Canada Software Asset Management Services ensures your business is fully compliant with software asset management and licensing through a joint partnership between ourselves and your organization. Not only does this enable us to control and protect your software assets, but it also reduces IT costs and legal risks.

Software Advisory

Deciding on the correct software to employ can be overwhelming - especially for enterprise or medium-sized businesses. Our specialized team of software professionals have been providing software advisory solutions to key decision makers for over 30 years, guiding you to the appropriate solutions that make sense for your business. Our extensive services ensure that your business is completely covered so that you can meet your goals without focusing on the day-to-day IT requirements.

Give us a call today to discuss how our it solutions, advisory, management, and licensing services can give you better insight into the software to use for your business and to understand the best way to store them on your data center.

IT Solutions

Endpoint and Mobility Solutions

Your employees want the latest technology, mobile devices, and access to your environment so that they can work at any time, from anywhere. But with the number of products available and employees increasingly utilizing their own devices, the process of establishing policies and procedures to support these new devices sits in incredibly murky waters.

At PCM Canada, our team of cloud technicians can ensure that your endpoint mobility management clearly mirrors your BYOD policy and locks down any vulnerabilities that may arise from mobile devices accessing your network.

An Ipsos study revealed that only 23% of employees are aware of their organization's BYOD policies - a necessity if they're going to follow corporate policy, and for your sensitive company documents to remain confidential.

The role of the desktop administrator has evolved, and if your mid-size or enterprise business is falling behind on implementing policies and devices that are easily accessed, yet completely secure, our trained technicians can provide guidance.

We offer services and customized solutions to ensure that your company's endpoints are managed, virtualized, secure and their lifecycle monitored.

Endpoint Mobility Management

Securing the enterprise desktop is now no longer about actual desktop workstations, it includes mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. But they all must be able to communicate seamlessly to foster a collaborative environment.

PCM Canada offers several solutions available for endpoint mobility management software, employee profiles, application access, and BYOD security features.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

As a cost-saving alternative to expensive and cumbersome management hardware and software, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) enables complete access from your employees' personal devices, while ensuring a completely centralized IT environment and desktop deployment. VDI ensures that corporate and personal profiles are kept separate to avoid accidental data corruption.

Endpoint Services

From the procurement, deployment, and lifecycle management of your employee devices, PCM Canada's endpoint services can manage every step of the process. Let us manage the maintenance of your ageing hardware and we'll also ensure the compliance and upkeep of patches and software.

Our suite of endpoint and mobility services can ensure that your employees remain compliant with corporate policy, while keeping your devices up-to-date and properly maintained. If your business requires programs and software to function day-to-day, our software management services, planning, and advisory services can help you determine and manage the best programs for you.